There are many translations for the word Yoga. Patanjali, who was known for creating the Yoga Sutras, translated as Yoga to mean "To Bind or Link Together." Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. Like any other practice it a gentle path to inner transquility and peace.

Yoga is available to all those who seek to develope strength; both internal an external.



Ashtanga is a traditional practice of Yoga dating back to India thousands of years ago. Ashtanga means, "Eight Limbs." The primary series of Ashtanga can be translated as "Therapy." The beginning series is designed to open up a practitioner and create space; enabling them to perform the more challenging postures in the next series. Beginners and Intermediates to Yoga alike can find comfort and challenge in Ashtanga. The series flows nearly the same every class. We begin with warm up flows, Sun A and Sun B; next Standing Postures, then Seated Postures and finally Finishing Postures. Postures are typically held for a number of breaths before moving onto the next, allowing a beginning to follow along more easily; while at the same time challenging intermediates to explore the shape and go deeper.



 For the past 20 years the Budokon Yoga style has made undeniable impressions upon the culture of contemporary yoga. Our signature spinal rolling techniques coupled with our infusion of martial arts and calisthenics have forever reshaped the classic approach to postures and transition. Budokon yoga style continues to be one of the most influential and important innovations in modern yoga history.



Vinyasa and Yin

Vinyasa means, "To connect breath and movement." Any type of Yoga is actually performing Vinyasa. However, recently the word Vinyasa has also been known to label certain types of Yoga practice that create flows for the practitioner to follow. Hot Vinyasa is a challenging series of flows designed as a workout session. Slowburn Vinyasa allows you to shut your eyes and go deeper into your body as you flow from one posture to the next. Finally Yin Yoga is unique in that postures are often very ground based and are held in lengths of 3-5 minutes; In Yin there is no force applied; we allow gravity to do the work as our bodies relax and open up.

A preview of Budokon Yoga performed by founder Cameron Shayne.