Wing Chun Kung Fu

Become part of the legend! Learn the art made famous by Bruce Lee, who first learned from Ip Man. Ip Man made Wing Chun popular by being the first to teach it openly; since then the art has grown to tens of thousands of practitioners world wide!

We are fortunate to study a very rich version of Wing Chun, passed down by Ip Man to his son Ip Ching

Ip Man's school today is known as the "Ving Tsun Athletic Association." Our school here is known as the "Michigan Ving Tsun Athletic Association." Our school is directly certified to teach Ip Man's art by Grandmaster Ip Ching himself.


The Thinking Mans Art

Wing Chun has often been labeled "the thinking mans art." This ancient Chinese system of Wing Chun is very efficient and is based on scientific principles such as Center Line Theory. Wing Chun is not a style of Kung Fu that prides itself on showing off but accomplishing its goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A rich heritage

Wing Chun has risen to popularity in recent years due to the exploits of incredible Martial Artists such as Ip Man and his most popular student Bruce Lee.

Before Wing Chun Master Ip Man; Wing Chun was only known as a tightly held art that was only passed down inside of families. Due to circumstances Ip Man began to teach Wing Chun publically. Ip man had many incredible students that went on to spread the art all over the world.

Ip Man's version of Wing Chun is certainly the most popular in the world. Now there are even variations of Ip Man's style as the art has continued to pass down through his disciples.

Today our lineage rests directly underneath Ip Ching, Ip Man's Son.




Although Wing Chun is an extremely effective and complete martial art system; Wing Chun students also have the added benefit of practicing the Filipino stick art of Escrima. Escrima as passed down by our instructor's instructor Rene Latosa is an extremely flexible Martial Arts system whose principles and philosophies align perfectly well with Wing Chun. Filipino martial arts are usually unique in the way they start by teaching you a weapon and move towards empty hand.